Cruise Ships

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  1. Cruise 101 was informative. I am from Caribbean. Never been on a cruise yet. Thinking of going to Europe. When is the best time to go (to maybe avoid the cold)? Any other tips and suggestions?

    • Hi Cyril,
      Thanks so much for the comment and questions. I love the Caribbean and have been exploring the different islands there, for the last 2 years, both by cruising them extensively and by staying at many different resorts, so I could explore more in depth at different locations. My plan is to post more information and pictures from those areas, as the Caribbean is such a favorite of mine. I have posted a new comment, inspired while thinking of details to give you about cruising Europe.

  2. Jill's Cabana Stories says:

    Thanks for the follow, we’re sailing on Disney Fantasy in June. Have you ever been to Grand Cayman? We’re planning on string ray city.

    • I have been to Grand Caymen 3 times and we simply love it there! If you like to snorkel, bring your gear as the marine and fish life is astounding! Our kids wanted to get down deeper and as a result they ended up coming home to get their PADI certification so they could dive with tanks, the next time we went back. The water is so clear, there is visibility for hundreds of feet so make sure to bring your underwater camera.

      There are so many reefs and such a healthy eco system, that the fish are extremely curious and plentiful. The soft white sand beaches are wide but because there are so many, you can find many places on each beach that may be rocky to get into. Making sure you bring your water shoes, alleviates any issues if the beach you are on has more reef than sand. Most of the beaches the tour operators use, have a wonderful combination of sandy beach’s, great swimming areas and reefs out in the water 10+ feet, so it makes it extremely enjoyable for people of all ages to use easily.

      As to the Stingray adventure, you will enjoy every moment! The females are the big ones and can get up to 6 feet across. The smaller males are only 2 ft across. They are very curious and passive animals and are very much used to being handled by people who run the tours. As long as you follow the rules about interaction, it is an incredible experience. They feel like a wet suit and look so peaceful when they are swimming.

      You will be leaving from Port Canaveral and if you haven’t had an opportunity to go to the Kennedy Space Center. It is a remarkable place to explore for the day. Your other stops along the way are just as exciting as The Caymens, but none will have as good an opportunity at snorkeling.

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