Carnival Vista Mediterranean Cruise May 1 – 13th 2016


Carnival Cruise Line makes sailing the Mediterranean affordable and you can do it on her newest and most modern ship, the Vista. We can package the Cruise with the Flights and Transfers, directly from Carnival so the entire process of Travel is seamless and worry free. This is a port intensive itinerary, so it is perfect for people who have never been to the region, to experience a wide variety of destinations.

Carnival Vista – Sailing Date: May 01, 2016


DAY 1 Port Trieste, Italy                                                  Depart 7:00 PM

DAY 2 Fun Day At Sea

DAY 3 Port Dubrovnik, Croatia            Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 5:00 PM

DAY 4 Fun Day At Sea

DAY 5 Port Athens, Greece                  Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 7:00 PM

DAY 6 Port Izmir (Ephesus), Turkey    Arrive 9:00 AM  Depart 6:00 PM

DAY 7 Port Crete (Heraklion), Greece  Arrive 9:00 AM  Depart 7:00 PM

DAY 8 Port Fun Day at Sea

DAY 9 Port Valletta, Malta                    Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 5:00 PM

DAY 10 Port Palermo (Sicily), Italy      Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 4:00 PM

DAY 11 Port Rome, Italy                       Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 8:00 PM

DAY 12 Port Florence/Pisa, Italy           Arrive 7:00 AM  Depart 7:00 PM

DAY 13 Port Marseilles, France             Arrive 9:00 AM  Depart 6:00 PM

DAY 14 Port Barcelona, Spain               Arrive 6:00 AM


Things to do On Board
There are 14 Bars on the Vista, 17 different dining locations (some with a fee), a Library, an Internet café, Bingo, Art exhibitions, Seminars and Auctions, Dodge Ball, Volleyball, Basketball, Mini-putt, Shopping, Dance classes, Bingo, a full Casino, Piano Bars, Theatre productions, a movie theatre, movies played OUTSIDE and under the starts, TONS of live music, Karaoke,  and a Night Club for dancing into the wee hours of the morning.


Serenity Adult-Only Retreat
The Serenity Adult-Only Retreat is a world of complete peace, sea breezes and swaying hammocks. On Carnival Vista, we’re taking the chill to new highs with even more options for stretching out and getting comfy. And now, you can get a light bite with a chopped salad station right here. Serenity’s the place to do the stuff that’s hard to do in everyday life — reconnect with your partner, finish that book, or do absolutely, blissfully, nothing at all.

Carnival Water Works
For those who flock to waterparks just ready to make a splash, we’d suggest sliding on over to Carnival Vista’s WaterWorks. Classic spiraling waterslides, a giant bucket, an expanded SplashZone, water toys and more — you know, the works — are simply overflowing here for your hydro-delight. But make sure to see the all-new Kaleid-O-Slide… preferably from inside. This raft slide — for one or two — takes speedy-good times to the next level with lights, colors and all-around fun.

Sky Ride
SkyRide is a bit like riding a bike — you’ll never forget it. But SkyRide is also completely unlike riding a bike, because when was the last time you biked around a ship, high above the deck and even higher above the sparkling blue sea? Zip safely around our two-lane suspended course in a pedal-powered go-mobile, in search of your biggest racing victory, lowest lap time… or simply the greatest view.


Cherry on Top
Cherries make the already-sweet a little bit sweeter. That’s why you’ll find Cherry on Top, our candy-and-more store, on Carnival Vista. This is the go-to spot for the sweet stuff… but there are surprises in store, like a premium ice cream counter with goodies for mixing and topping. Cherry on Top also features accessories for celebrations, plus great gifts to take home for that special someone, even if — admit it — that someone happens to be you!
vista candy store

Carnival has teamed up with renowned comedian and TV personality George Lopez.


You’ve played Connect 4 and Yahtzee, but have you ever played giant versions of them onstage in a competition that puts your gaming skills to the test? You’ll have your chance when you take part in Hasbro, The Game Show. From SORRY! SLIDERS to YAHTZEE BOWLING, CONNECT 4 BASKETBALL, OPERATION SAM DUNK and SIMON FLASH, you can team up with your friends and family to win great prizes, all in front of a live audience.


IMAX (fee for use)
Hollywood blockbusters, recent hit films and IMAX shorts, all in a huge format; the very first IMAX Theatre at sea.


Pricing is going to depend on room location. Mid-ship and higher floors will be priced higher than lower floors or those located at the Forward or Aft locations of the ship. A Balcony will cost more than an Ocean view and an Interior room will have the best entry level pricing. A mid ship Balcony, on an upper deck, will start at around  $2,499.00, an  Oceanview room will start  $1,719.00 per person and an Interior at $1,449.00 per person.

Contact TravelonlywithJodi to get more information on current pricing and availability for this amazing cruise.


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As a Canadian living in a country of such great diversity, the experience of vacationing throughout the world brings you a deep appreciation for the beautiful world around us as well. Spending money on travel is like investing in your soul. Be inspired. TravelOnly with Jodi.
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