Gastronomic Inclusive: Karisma Resorts, Mayan Riviera

People spend a great deal of time online searching out every aspect of their resort vacations. While price is certainly a consideration, it is all of the extra valued added features that can tip your decision between properties. Google photo images are looked at, Trip Adviser is opened in another browser, friends are e-mailed on Facebook and Blogs are researched, all in an attempt to chose not just a destination but to safeguard that your choice is the best decision you could have made before you even leave, so you know not just what to expect while in destination, but how to try and prevent any issues, before you even leave.

This personal research in and of itself is where dealing with a Travel Agent can save you much valued time. They may have been to the resort you are looking at choosing and can give you first hand information about it. Travel Agents also have access to a HUGE network of other Travel Professionals, Suppliers and Business Development Managers who can give specific information about varying properties as well as unbiased opinions about different resorts that we can pass onto you, in helping you narrow down your selections.

Travel Agents also have the resort details that we gather from prior clients we may have arranged to vacation there as well and can give you insider information that can immediately influence your choice, based on the qualifications you have shared with us on what is important to you, while on vacation. If you enjoy long walks on the beach and the resort you are looking at has a small coral beach, perfect for snorkeling, it may not be a good match for you.

The same is true when it comes to the variety and selection of food options while in destination, as the choices can vary dramatically between properties of the same company dependent on which country you are in. This is one of the reasons that the Karisma Hotels and Resorts, is one of my personal, top choices. Their promoted tag line is called “Gourmet Inclusive” and what that means, is that they place an exceptionally high priority on the food they prepare and serve to their guests along with the appropriate wine pairings to support and enhance your meal. So if you value high end culinary experiences and food selection, Karisma properties would be a perfect choice for your vacation.

Their commitment to sustainable tourism and practice of environmentally friendly technology has made them a pioneer in the Mexican Riviera region, helping to achieve an unforgettable vacation experience for their guests and win accolades from the premier, worldwide certification program from Green Globe, which is the leading performance program initiative established specifically for the Travel and Tourism Industry. Their property at El Dorado Royale has a 70,000 sq ft greenhouse that produces not just fresh fruit and vegetables for use at all buffets and restaurants at that Resort, but it supplies all 9 of their Mayan locations as well.

el dorado greenhouse tomato

They use innovative technology in an area of limited water. Hydroponic gardening, using gravel, sand and liquid with added nutrients as the strata, is the most obvious method. This way of food production at their greenhouse can create between 110 – 140 tons of harvested crops annually which enables Karisma to not just provide their guests with the freshest produce in the Mayan Riviera, but to sell their excess to their employees and neighboring resorts.


The management at Karisma Hotels and resorts believe that your culinary experience is enhanced by the use of fresh and locally grown produce as their philosophy is based on educating others about mitigating the environmental impact of tourism. They use no chemicals or pesticides in their greenhouse choosing instead, organic crop management and water conservation, which they have extended to include every aspect of their properties.

Karisma Hotel and Resorts have a water treatment process at each resort to reuse water for their gardens. There are hydro jets in the toilets to reduce the amount of water used, Their solar panels, dependent on the property, heat 40-100% of the water on the Resort. They do not use harmful chemicals for their laundry, which is Ozone  and ground water friendly. They strictly use LED bulbs and have air conditioners which save over 30% of electricity usage and have they extensive recycling and composting programs, which lead Mexico in the highest standards possible.

The Karisma company has taken their Gourmet Inclusive program to a whole new level by introducing an optional, interactive, seminar program where guests can register to participate, for an additional fee,  in cooking demonstrations that create awareness and education surrounding their culinary experience while at the resort using the fresh and locally grown produce from the resort.

The dual focus this year for the Gourmet Inclusive program at the Karisma properties is Jackson Family Wines Series and Canadian Beef Series.

The Jackson Family Wine Series is:

“A year-long celebration of fine wines paired with gourmet food and served under the spectacular skies of the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Each month, The Jackson Family Wines Culinary Series, by Karisma will spotlight a noteworthy chef and winemaker who will work in conjunction with the esteemed Karisma Hotels & Resorts team of Michelin star, restaurant-trained chefs and sommeliers to provide guests with interactive epicurean experiences. Special events will include access and insight into highly sought-after wines, vertical tastings, educational classes with sommeliers and winemakers, cooking courses, special pairings and an exclusive Guest Chef and Winemaker Dinner.”


The Canadian Beef Series is:

“A year-long celebration of quality prime AAA beef paired with fine wines under the spectacular skies of the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Each month, during the course of a week, this program will highlight a different chef and expert wine personality, who in tandem create exciting wine & dine experiences. Canadian Beef is Fundamentally wholesome good food. Produced according to world-class quality and safety standards, Canadian beef comes from cattle raised and processed in Canada. Our beef farmers and ranchers are dedicated to raising cattle with respect for their animals and the environment. Canadian beef is renowned world-wide for its rigorous and progressive grading, inspection and food safety standards, delivering goodness in every bite.”

Karisma Resort and Hotel properties have an unparalleled experience for guests who choose to visit their Mayan Riviera properties when it comes to their Gastronomic selections and have no comparable competition in Mexico or the Caribbean. They far surpass any expectations when it comes to sustainable and ecologically viable tourism while providing an unforgettable vacation, based on this alone. Yet when added in conjunction with their Resort amenities, locations and over all quality, it makes it impossible to not fall in love with Karisma and the Mayan Riviera and make it your premier destination of choice.

The only real disappointment any guest has with a Karisma property, is the length of time between when they leave it and when they can make arrangements to return to one of their idyllic locations. Remember to live in the moment, enjoy your experience and TravelOnly with Jodi.


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As a Canadian living in a country of such great diversity, the experience of vacationing throughout the world brings you a deep appreciation for the beautiful world around us as well. Spending money on travel is like investing in your soul. Be inspired. TravelOnly with Jodi.
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