Cruise Embarkation Day

You must have completed your online check-in to board your ship by no later than 2 HOURS  before it is due to set sail, due to security regulations. Though this time can vary between Cruise lines, so make sure you are aware of your specific boarding time with the line you are sailing on. If you arrive later than what they have requested, you can be denied boarding. So make your travel arrangements for flights and transfers between the airport and the pier with that in mind. They will still allow you to join the ship at their next approved port of call, but you would be responsible for any travel arrangements related to that.

You will require your e-documents, your passport with an expiry date of no later than 6 months before the date of your expected return, or government approved identification that each cruise line will specify and a valid credit card that can be linked to your stateroom key card, for on-board use. You do not use cash at sea. Each country has it’s own regulations surrounding the policy of identification they will accept, so you must be vigilant about ensuring you have everything prepared before you arrive at the pier for check in.

If you arrive to the pier early, it is possible to embark as early as 11:30am – 12:30pm for a departure of 4-6pm. You would be accommodated in an air conditioned holding terminal on shore and once the house keeping on the ship is complete and the final guests have departed from the previous voyage, then they start the embarkation process for the next cruise.

The choice is yours to arrive anytime within the 6 hour window. If you are able to board early, remember that your stateroom will NOT be confirmed as ready to use until as late as 2PM, with some access to decks and staterooms being completely blocked off; so remember to pack a carry-on with essentials you may want to use on-board that afternoon, especially if you plan on swimming or sunbathing.

Between embarkation and departure will be the busiest you will see the ship and the buffets are going to be extra busy at this time. Seating inside will be at premium, so be prepared for moderate waits. An option is to send someone to hold a table while the rest of your party gets their lunch. It is considered very courteous to eat and leave the buffet, and to continue socializing elsewhere to give other guests an opportunity to eat inside.



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