The River Jordan

I stood on the banks of the Jordan River

I looked up and down its graceful bends

Eyes on the peaceful, quiet waters

I watched the tops of cypress trees

Swaying lazily in the gentle breeze

And saw their massive grey roots

Sunk deep into the fertile river bed

I watched ripples run across the waters surface

Listening to the gentle rustling

Of grass and leaves

Whispering ancient secrets

To pilgrims who came searching

Smiling people were all around

Some in white robes

Making their way

Down the ramps on the river banks

Either alone or in groups

Coming down to the River to pray

Towards the quietly flowing water

Laughing people

Reverent people

Bending to touch it

Or removing shoes

To stand in the River Jordan

Walking forward alone

Submersing themselves in the water

Asking to be shown the way

Washing their sins away

In the quiet stillness

Of the peaceful green valley

I looked out over Jordan

And what did I see?

I saw that peace is waiting

That silence is kind

That we all look for Faith

In the stillness of our hearts

In the joy of music

In the plants that grow

In the twittering of the birds

High up in spreading branches

In the darting of a red dragon fly

Who kept me company as I stood alone

As I walked into the river

And felt the coolness upon my legs

The deeper I went

I felt the algae under my feet

And saw a myriad of tiny fish

Flashing silver against the brown bottom

Coming to investigate my slow intrusion

I felt the cool mud

Push between my toes

Connecting me to the earth

To those who have gone before

I lifted my face

Even as I lifted my voice

To the clear blue sky of Israel

Felt the heat on my skin

And felt blessed

I sang my song to the river and sky

So very grateful

For all I have been given

The blessings I have been shown

The joy and sorrow

Of a precious life

Grateful for this moment

Its enough, I am enough

I bent to the water

Cupping my hands

Filling them with peace

As I stood

I brought the water up to my face

Pouring it over myself

Feeling it clean me

In rivulets of hope

As it made its path

Back to the water

Back into the River Jordan



About travelonlywithjodi

As a Canadian living in a country of such great diversity, the experience of vacationing throughout the world brings you a deep appreciation for the beautiful world around us as well. Spending money on travel is like investing in your soul. Be inspired. TravelOnly with Jodi.
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