FORE! for Everyone

What an absolutely amazing accessible idea for Golfers with mobility issues!


Finally, the weather is turning here in Southern Ontario and for many people it means only one thing…time to hit the golf course! “Accessible” and “golf course” are usually two words you will not hear in the same sentence, as the environment of the sport – hilly terrain, sand traps, sensitive green space and soft putting greens – does not lend for easy use of gait aids much less wheelchairs.

Ottobock has come up with a device that looks as though will neutralize these environmental challenges faced by those with mobility restrictions wishing to be frustrated by a tiny white ball. The Paragolfer is an all-terrain machine that can lift a golfer into an upright position. It also acts as your golf cart, and can even be used in the sand and on the greens!paragolfer-home-page

After reading this article in my local paper, I called one of the golf courses…

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